Hell yeah, my friends: it’s basically all holiday, all the time now.

I’m going to be visiting family next week so—for those who care—I likely won’t be posting anything as I attempt to ~*~dEcOmPrEsS~*~. Think of this as your holiday, post-election, long weekend link.

While you might think it for fact, there is no proof that Mike Pence eats Lady Speed Stick to keep his breath fresh. Hari Nef is cool and, if you ever wanted to be like her, now’s your chance to do so via her favorite products. This week is Transgender Awareness Week and Gigi Gorgeous had some cool people over to make a video about queer awareness. Noisey (and Vice) aren’t standing for the madness in America and is fighting back through music. Speaking of, if you can fight back by spilling the tea on all the abortions Trump enabled, please: have at it. Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie has some very, very wise things to say about Trump’s racism but, unfortunately, dumb ass old white dudes just don’t get it. A lot of this confusion surrounding what is or isn’t prejudice has to do with normalization, where people believe and do ridiculous, unethical things but are perceived to be normal. We can look to James Baldwin for some hope, which is great because he’s in not one but two upcoming documentaries. Some fuzzy good science news: a woman with locked-in syndrome can now speak with via her brain. In sex news, if you are horny online, don’t do it wrong: learn how to be horny on the Internet. For those who love arguing—or who will be arguing this Thanksgiving—know that there is a right and wrong way to argue. Finally, your moment of 2016 wordsmithing zen: the always fitting word of the year.

That is all. If you are in Georgia, hit me up. I’ll be there for a lil’ bit this upcoming week.

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