Here are some great thinks I am linking out to you. What a great link between us.

A good guide on how to eat like a real person.
• Speaking of guides, here’s a great one on cheap wines that are great.
ugh Hollywood and their being so fucking dumb with representations of queers ugh
• Interesting story about a girl who is literally cryogenically frozen, to be brought back to life in the future. HUH?
• I always push these buttons and I don’t care that they are lies and that my whole life as a pedestrian and a person without a car is based on a fallacy.
• Even though I played this scene and am playing the game, I totally missed that this dude is gay.
• Speaking of gay nerds, congrats X-Men!
• I’ve never made this recipe before but I had it for dinner recently at a French restaurant and, damn, it was good. I’m sharing here as a reminder that I need to make it.
• This is fantastic and, really, is just a biography of artists at Printed Matter.
This is a great story.
This is great. Wonderful. Fantastic. Well done.
This is soooooo coooool!!!
• Similar and from the same Tumblr: things not to say to a trans person. Very important information here!
• Um, get ready for this? I guess?
A good list of found footage horror films.
Here is the pilot for Bob’s Burger. It looked a bit different.
A good little news segment about a five year old transgender child.

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