“Ayyyy, buy me a Christmas tree,” I tell myself. So, maybe I will.

Will you? It’s the first weekend of December so probably. Thus, your link to your Saturday and Sunday.

Where has Anonymous been? Apparently they’re basically dead. Iceman is officially gay and a friend is helping form his comic story To hear a heartwarming story of overcoming, the New York Times has a fund that helps people in need—and then shares their stories. Guy Fieri may be grating but, when he films at your restaurant, you can guarantee business will be changed forever. Need even more proof Donald Trump is scum? The book Ivanka Trump wrote about the family is quality garbage. Yet, Ivanka might be important for something: stopping climate change. Anyway, conservative talker Tomi Lahren is pretty crazy but, thankfully, Trevor Noah put her in her place. Commenters are fascinating so hearing them comment on why they comment is even more fascinating. This story about spreading pride flags amidst conservatism is quite brilliant. The lede here is that Tom Ford doesn’t want to dress Melania Trump but the bigger story is that his son loads the dishwasher. This sci-fi “documentary” about people who would have lived if AIDS didn’t happen looks quite powerful. Children who are picky eaters sometimes end up being picky eating adults and, obviously, it’s all related. Christmas is nearing and, to remind you of simpler times, revel in the amount of injuries caused by hoverboards.

Be chill, my people.

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