Man, fuck this week. Bring me them Christmas drinks!

Here’s all the loose change of stuff that happened this week. It’s your weekend link.

Musicians are doing a great job of keeping politically active and we all should take note. New York Times‘ The Neediest Cases series is just a wonderful example of writing that gives. Fake news is (sadly) en vogue and it really boils down to design and AP style illiteracy. Speaking of, Weather Channel is not going to sit by idly as fake fact shillers like Breitbart spread lies—and they’re declaring war. Would you like a self-making bed? I actually don’t care about made beds but some might like this. 2017 will be better than 2016 however it will likely not be this futuristic. C-sections are making births easier and, funny enough, they might be shaping evolution. Roxane Gay loves automated car washes and, really, who doesn’t love them? Like she didn’t win Drag Race, drag queen alumn Kelly Mantle has been approved by the Oscars to be considered in both female and male categories for a pretty bad movie. Megyn Kelly’s conversation with Terry Gross is absolutely fascinating. If you want to combat sites like Instagram’s blocking of nipples, there’s a simple solution: just take away the gender. Hatchimals are this year’s hot Christmas toy and, apparently, there is a literary Christmas greed scandal surrounding them. Bubbles are a big topic this season and, if you don’t know if you live in one, consider this. Regardless, enjoy your mee mees this weekend.

Is it 2017 yet?

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