Well, the first week of 2017 is behind us.

And? Not too bad!

To help you start the year right, why prevent any junk mail and credit card offers from being mailed to you? Samantha Paige is an artist and cancer survivor who is featured in an awesome ad campaign without her breasts. Imagine if Star Wars‘ central drama was about women’s healthcare—oh wait: that’s kind of what it is about. We should all travel more in 2017 and these are good tips for gaming the system. If you were planning on going to Coachella, think again: the guy who owns the concert is a gay hating climate change denier. I’m going to try to read more this year and, funny enough, the benefits of reading are endless. You might be doing poorly at Tinder but have you ever thought that your name is to blame? 2016 saw us all masturbating but the facts about what we touched ourselves to is surprising and not. The most important thing in tech given to us in 2017 thus far is the love affair between two Google Homes. To lift you up, at least you aren’t these people (or are you?).

And that was your weekend link.

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