Can you believe the world right now? I can’t. I want to go home.

And I already am. What is life? Anyway, here’s your weekend link.

Internet media is funny and this insider interview on why YouTube stars don’t help anyone is hysterical. The new Mario game looks great but might not live up to the Grand Theft Auto mashup. As our new (Sad!) president enters office, know that he is the most precious, annoying version of the snowflake. In case you were confused, yes, there is a correct way to eat a burrito. Not everyone in the world gets upset about erectile dysfunction but, damn, Americans are crazy about it. Wonder why music is so nineties? Because musicians are being taught to be like that. As if you need it, Vice’s running tally of all the insane shit Trump has been doing that is not normal. Church has long been a place of refuge but, as some say, they should be abandoned by young people for being closed minded. As if I have to tell you, don’t got see that dumb movie A Dog’s Purpose because it almost killed a dog. As Donald Trump assumes the presidency today, know this: the future is ready to fight him.

Lastly, you should go to a women’s march tomorrow. If you need some signage, my friend has the hookup. See you there!

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