It is time. It is weekend time.

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Gay Republicans are tearing themselves apart all because of Trump’s rule. In thinking about restricting women’s rights, maybe this all boils down to attempting to regulate how people have sex. Issa Rae has done a lot of unprecedented things with Insecure like reframe South LA. In case you were wondering the best way to escape a tornado, learn from this old woman: hide in a bathtub. Roxane Gay is using her book power to literally steer her writing away from supporting fascism. Trump’s White House has already done a lot of shit—but what does he have to say about the place? They have “beautiful phones.” Although I am technically latinx, I never fully knew what it meant until Fusion explained it to me. You might have seen this photo of a Japanese grandmother at the Women’s March and you should definitely know her backstory. If reality isn’t scaring you enough, enjoy some real life frights from Netflix documentaries. A great webseries on queer women of color could be the next big thing. In case you needed some hope, this black waitress’ experience in DC is very uplifting. If you, like me, are always searching for meaning then this little quiz is perfect for you. If you need some refuge, move to California. We’re here for you.

Is it 2020 yet? I hope we survive.

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