Wow: Friday. You’re here!

To slide you on into that weekend feeling, here’s your weekend link.

To warm your heart, know that flight attendants are catching human traffickers like this Alaska Airlines hero. Melissa McCarthy was great as Sean Spicer but also represents why cross-gender casting is actually powerful. Kylie Minogue is the only Kylie around and she is not fucking around with no Kylie Jenner. Lady Gaga’s Super Bowl performance was certainly great but were you aware that a big technical component included wrangling hundreds of drones? As we wander into the future, know that protests can be effective if we play by rules that infuriate Trump. Chelsea Clinton has become a breakout star in the anti-Trump conversation because she’s the only Clinton who isn’t holding back. Sean Spicer is very much falling apart and we can see it all over his face. The new Goldfrapp album is going to be great and a bit darker. Finally, if you haven’t seen him before, see John Wick’s Dog.

Keep up the good work with living, people.

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