Listen To The Star Trek Bridge

Sometimes you need a little ambient noise to ground your mind and body, a varied but redundant soundtrack that lulls you into a sort of happy stasis.

I typically find that from listening to something like Julianna Barwick’s Will or Mary Lattimore’s At The Dam on repeat, albums that offer a sort of calming clarity as you work. They’re beautiful things. But, sometimes, you gotta mix shit up and get a little weirder than expected – and I’ve found that with Star Trek by way of my friend Justin.

For the unfamiliar (WHO ARE YOU??), Star Trek is a show that investigates the future by way of televised (and cinematic) science fiction. It has created many a filmed sci-fi trope and is dumb fun based in a utopian humanoid future where space army cowboys fly in giant saucers to “boldly go” where no one else has. It’s really fun. From there, a culture has emerged that I very much subscribe to since Trek was a big deal in my childhood household (thanks to my older brother’s intense fandom).

Anyway. Justin sent me an absurd eight hour (and twenty eight seconds) YouTube video that is strictly bridge (aka, the command post) sounds from Star Trek: The Next Generation. It’s a whirring, beeping, swooshing calm that wears on behind you offering a very similar calm that I get from Barwick and Lattimore: it’s the sort of expansive varied nothing that reminds of being in a crowd before a concert or standing on a platform as trains pass by or approaching the ocean as it crashes into infinity. It is a wildly mundane soundscape that is fucking ridiculous to behold.

While it may seem stupid (It is.), I found myself caught in the tangle of these eight hours yesterday after it was sent to me as I opened the link, went “LOL.,” forgot to close the link, started to really enjoy it, and found myself working with it on in the background for roughly thirty minutes. While eight hours of this would be ridiculous, it did offer an unexpected calm I never would have guessed it provided. Yet, here we are.

If you dare to indulge the Trekkie soundscape, take it for a drive below. Heed the title’s advice to wear headphones and find yourself engulfed by the ambiance for a lot longer than you expected.

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