Little Adults & Alzheimer’s

Getting older is a fact of life, despite our best efforts to keep age at a distance.

And, with age, comes the dissolving of dear facilities. Our looks fade, yes, but also our physical and mental capacities begin to diminish as well. This is best seen in the juxtaposition against the younger, those who manifest humanity at it’s best and most perfect: they have yet to consider issues of forgetfulness or cloudiness in their minds.

A new Cut video really embodied this so well by taking the “Kids React” model and colliding it with an element of “Elders React“: they sat down children with a septuagenarian named Myriam has Alzheimer’s, in the hopes of creating a conversation that we can all learn from. The resulting piece is extremely pure, an interaction between generations that is equally adorable, fascinating, and meaningful all for the price of five minutes.

What works so well with this piece is that Myriam is such a gentle figure, a former lawyer with a great understanding and ability to explain her situation time and time again to children. She addresses quite serious subjects like the impending loss of her mind and death in elegant, sweet ways that make it very hard to imagine that this will actually be an issue for her. When placed against children or even more serious stories of Alzheimer’s, you see that Myriam is in a great state that, sadly, is only going to exaggerate over time.

It’s a wonderful watch, full of so much heart and life. It is something that simultaneously lifts and depresses, a great metaphor for life’s highs and lows. Also, if you fall in love with Myriam – which it is impossible not to – you can catch her speaking more about her situation in a previous video Cut did.

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