Little Leaf Bug Takes A Crap

Because yesterday made me lose faith in the world again, and because the earth is dying, today I’m only posting things that cheer me up. Please call your congressperson to get them to save our lives in Washington.

You’re a little bug and you have to take a little poop. “Do I poop?” you ask. Of course you poop! If you eat, you poop. If you have a little mouth, you have a little anus.

Movement massages your inside parts and can occasionally put pressure on your output part. Sometimes you have to evacuate when you aren’t ready. It’s like they say: when you gotta go, you gotta go. You can’t stop! Runaway train is never coming back.

“What’s he doing?” people ask about you. “He just took a shit!” they yell after you.

Don’t worry: they shit too. They just happened to record you in the act, though.

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