Logan Paul Almost Played Han Solo

Think back, to 2015. It was a simpler time.

Most people weren’t aware of people who were famous from Vine or YouTube or Instagram, people who the teens were into. I, for better or worse, was at the center of this world as I was producing a digital show focused on amplifying this otherworld celebrities for this audience. It was grueling and weird and the impacts of “that world” are now everywhere.

Logan Paul was a key figure. He was an interesting kid to work with and, because he was such a big star in that world then, we as a production team and show got on our knees and were ready to bow to whatever whim or desire or need he had. And what did he want? His Star Wars cravings met. He was coming on our show around the time when The Force Awakens debuted in December 2015, back when audiences were readying to see – and rabidly excited for – new Star Wars content.

But his love of the film series was only vaguely the motivation for this theme. Why? Because he was in the running to play Han Solo in the recently released Solo movie. The movie was in the casting phase in December 2015 and Paul was recently signed with CAA and one of a select group who got to see the first film early. His appearance on our show was to help him get into character while helping us get views. It was ridiculous considering we didn’t know then what we know now, obviously illustrating that so many parties dodged a bullet on a project that didn’t dodge many bullets.

So what would a Logan Paul Star Wars have been like? I have no idea. What I do know is that the segment my team and I produced of Paul “acting” as a Solo-type is available: watch it below.

Ah, what could have been.

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