Loglines For The 2016 Spring Menswear Collections, London Edition

Is it time for a fashion showing already? Oh boy. Well, here we are, staring down next year’s what Spring 2016 will look like for men, according to London creators. I give you these takeaways for quick consumption on how you want to look next year. Congrats!

• Burberry Prorsum: Sneezing into a doily napkin while at an opera house board meeting.
• Gieves & Hawkes: Really friendly Italian men on vacation.
• Katie Eary: Bronies fucking Ed Ruscha.
• Alexander McQueen: “…talk about gays in the military!”
• Christopher Raeburn: Ugly office people go camping with extras from The Matrix.
• Coach: School Of Rave
• James Long: Love In The Rinse Cycle
• J.W. Anderson: The cover of a newspaper, featuring a drag version of The Golden Girls
• KTZ: Max Headroom prepares for rain on a warm day
• Margaret Howell: French boys who have dropped out of school
• Oliver Spencer: Nautical Normalcy
• YMC: Wartime pilots who woke up from dissatisfying naps
• Richard James: An all gay cast performing a musical version of The Jungle Book in Miami Beach
• Christopher Shannon: Bruno storms the runway
• Astrid Anderson: A basketball team of Shaolin monks
• Craig Green: Lactating prison escapees
• Kit Neale: Street kids styled by grandma
• Topman: Imaginative British people
• Todd Lynn: I Sia what you did there.
• Nasir Mazhar: “Ghetto Goth” afterbirth
• MAN: TFW a giant moth eats all of your clothes but you still have to go to a funeral or school

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