Look At OOFJ’s Mechanical “Don’t Look”

OOFJ are the kind of band that aren’t content unless something is going on. The duo are creeping up on the one year anniversary for their sophomore release Acute Feast and, still, they’re pumping out fantastic new stuff to support it.

The latest example is a sleek, robotic music video for the song “Don’t Look.” Directed by Jonathan Turner, it’s a lot like a sleek, sexy, silver recreation of the show ReBoot. Turner 3D scanned the duo’s bodies and animated them by way of “hyper-aspirational avatars,” a.k.a. super fucking hot and perfect digital humanoids versions of them. Together, the video and the song feel like a dynamic new take on the Chris Cunningham directed Björk song “All Is Full Of Love,” which it very clearly draws inspiration from with Turner nailing the sterility and the lust and even the color palette. “Don’t Look” is a bit more awkward, at points funny, and like robo-on-robo riff on Ex Machina. It’s very cool. It’s very now.

If you don’t have anyone else looking at your screen and have five minutes to watch fake, 3D-people jump, dance, and rub up on each other, watch the video below.

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