Lust Over These Studio Proba Graphic Rugs

In exploring the world of boyish pink, one thing stood out more than the clothing: some cool ass rugs.

They come from Studio Proba, a New York based design studio from Alex Proba. Proba is a German designer and art director who makes various colorful and fun items that balance the delicate with the abstract. Her work is positioned as playful pattern clashes for the contemporary person that are translated into very cool rugs.

The rugs are thick art pieces that you lay on the floor to add an instant pep to a room. They squiggly and blob about in pastel colors and jewel tones, offering a light luxury to a space. They are delightfully busy and seem to wander somewhere between a Memphis Group home and a Picasso painted tapestry. They’re absolutely that great.

What’s also nice about them is the variety born out of their being the result of her A Poster A Day exercise. Not only does she jump around in color and design but also in shape and size. Some rugs are circles while some are rectangular. Some partition themselves up by offering shapes in shapes. A few suggest self-division by dramatic linear details. The effect of this is a guide to adhere to or push against in designing a space by offering an arhythmic base to play against.

Even more exciting is that the rugs are fairly affordable. Yes, many would scoff at a rug that starts at $580—but it’s three feet by five feet. You might take your money to stupid fucking CB2 or Ikea and spend the same: turn to Studio Proba. I’m seriously considering saving pennies this year to snatch this or this or this rug in five feet by eight feet for my living room. We shall see. If you pick one up, send me a photo: I want to live vicariously through your space via your Studio Proba rug.

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