Lusting For AMI

AMI is a French menswear label named after and ran by Alexandre Mattiussi. His style is classically mid-century French paired with European relaxedness. It’s very much the style of that cute Euro boy in your philosophy class that you know nothing about but you are dying to meet him, if only to get closer to his face (without touching it). AMI makes for a man of style and sophistication; yet, all of his wears are easy, fussless forms.

I love AMI and have a lot of lust for his work. It is the most French label for men that I can think of now and he almost makes me want to start wearing pants. In anticipation of an upcoming trip to Paris for vacation, I wanted to share what I would like to pull from the sale rack—or at least touch with my eyes—while visiting one of his three stores in the city. All of them are found on AMI’s sale page. I mostly like them for their styling and inspiration. The clothing itself is great but AMI’s man is who I want to be: a bright, attractive smiley face wearing a beanie.

AMI Alexandre Matussi Paris Summer 2015 1234KYLE5678 10

Hooded Half-Zipped Jacket
This guy is cool. He’s athletic yet he’s formal, thanks to this jacket’s being so simple and not made of plastic. The detail of both the kangaroo pocket and cleanly shined shoes do it for me, really. The red and yellow are the ideal color, yellow being preference.

AMI Alexandre Matussi Paris Summer 2015 1234KYLE5678 3

Crew Neck Sweater “AMI + Smiley” Patch
Described as “Summer Wool,” this light sweater absolutely something that rivals Comme Des Garçons’ PLAY series for best under/overstated wear since the Smiley could fight their heart and win. The striped deep green shorts punch this up too, its contrast to the bright red and yellow simultaneously adding a more formal and informal element to the outfit. Again: the shoes.

AMI Alexandre Matussi Paris Summer 2015 1234KYLE5678 4

“AMI + Smiley” Printed Sweatshirt
This is literally the same thing as above but zoomed in on and relaxed. You’ll notice the guy is wearing a green shirt and navy shorts: clearly there is a theme happening here, dudes. It’s very wonderfully French to wear mostly understated colors and cut it up with one zippy something, a la the Smiley.

AMI Alexandre Matussi Paris Summer 2015 1234KYLE5678 8

Heartbreakcouer Patch Sweatshirt
Same as above. This is more of a lesson in pants, though. That light wash is total Euro dude and only works if the denim is heavier and soft, i.e. not cheap and actually broken in by you. The cuffing is so well done as well and really giving me an aesthetic boner.


“Premier Baiser” Printed Sweatshirt
A Google translation alerted me that this shirt reads “FIRST KISS” which is totally adorable, especially in the baby pink. I don’t love that look though (Smart use of green and pink, though.) but the mixture of the gray version with the black and white stripped pants is genius. The length of those shorts are concerning for most men but great on this guy. The jean version with the black shirt is questionable. I see what they are doing but note the awkwardness, likely due to the model’s height: don’t look like that, short wearing men. It’s sloppy.


Button Down Shirt, I
I love this dude’s face and I want to give him a fucking kiss on the lips, climb in between those flesh pillows, down and up his throat into his heart and his brain, and eventually become him. Everything about this look/him is wonderful. If I ever look as good as this guy, kiss me. You all can kiss me. Don’t kiss-to-become-me as I would to him but kiss me.

AMI Alexandre Matussi Paris Summer 2015 1234KYLE5678 6

Men Button Down Shirt, II
This look is actually what I would look like. This seems so easy to pull off! I will have to try it with my non-AMI clothing that likely won’t fit the same—but I can try. God damn it, I will attempt.

AMI Alexandre Matussi Paris Summer 2015 1234KYLE5678 9

Bermuda Shorts
I’m not crazy about these shorts (Nearly too long but also fine.) but the styling of the beige shorts is so perfect. Remember: denim and khaki are perfect together, especially when flipped for a denim top and khaki bottom. That is very Euro—and with a vest? A lovely idea. I usually hate vests (THE NINETIES!!!) but this works for me. It’s brilliant boyhood, man. (And sorry he is pixelated: that’s the .jpg was too small on their site.)

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