Luxe Dog Bowls By Lux / Eros

Yesterday was National Puppy Day and I didn’t celebrate and I’m mad. However, as I’m hungover from general dog loving all the time, here is a gift inspired by the non-holiday holiday: luxury dog bowls.

The bowls are made by LUX / EROS, a Southern Californian design studio from Desanka N. Fasiska. The creative outfit is the second career for Fasiska who previously worked in the fashion industry and recently shifted her focus to interiors and making ceramic home goods, bringing along her sharp style. The bowls are inspired by her two dogs—Hyphy and Jasper—and are obviously upscale since each bowl is made to order. They aren’t overly precious (They kind of look like you crashed Kelly Wearstler goods into Ben Medansky ceramics.) as Fasiska’s hand is very much present in the final products: you can tell her bowls are specifically made for your pet. This isn’t some sort of faux-nice something created for the sake of mass luxury.

Lux Eros Desanka N. Fasiska Bowls Dogs Hyphy Jasper Ceramics 1234kyle5678 1

Instead, they’re so personal and special, occupying the spaces of fun dog something and alternative utilitarian art. There are five bowls total and they all start at $75. Yes, that’s a lot but any dog owner who plans on not being a child owner could most definitely splurge on a beautiful bowl befitting of their beautiful dog(s). You can go way twee and doggy with the Golden Tag or Golden Bone bowls or go for refined, restrained dogginess with the spiked collar echoing pyramid dog bowls.

Let’s be real, though: any of these bowls would look great with any dog. I’m slightly more partial to the pinky pyramid bowl because that feels very much my aesthetic (and Dottie’s aesthetic) but all of these bowls are just great. If you fall particularly hard for LUX / EROS’ goods, she makes people things too: you can get plates and bowls and cups and accessories. So maybe indulge this week and make your whole home into a stylish ceramic pyramid? God: if only.

Lux Eros Desanka N. Fasiska Bowls Dogs Hyphy Jasper Ceramics 1234kyle5678 2

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