Macon & Lesquoy’s Embroidered Pins

As mentioned in the how-to Paris post, there’s a super cute paper store in the 3rd Arr. called Paper Tiger. Their goods are mostly brand made stationary and unique paper goods like pockets for your wall or bubble oriented family trees. Everything is cute, everything is well made, and everything reflects the French sensibility that pen and paper is strong than finger to screen.

They had a few products that were from third parties too, like candles and tapestries and a few jewelry items. The most absorbing of these extra wares was a case of extremely interesting pins that ranged from the size of a nail to the size of you hand—and each of them was a hand sewn modern still life. There were animals and booze ephemera, clothing items and street signs: you could create a cute little scene of contemporary life on your sleeve, all with pins.

Macon Lesquoy Embroidered Pins Paris France 1234KYLE5678 2

These are Macon & Lesquoy pins, all hand embroidered pins that are created to bring a cartoonish whimsy to your outfits by way of petite accessories. The brand comes from friends Marie Macon and Anne-Laure Lesquoy and is a way for them to marry the antique with the now. The pins (and patches and textiles) are funny little items intended to bring both a sophistication and glee to the wearer. You could—and should, if you have the money—make a patterned shirt out of their pins, one that is a scene about summer by the sea or succulents in repose. People will definitely ask you about them since the glittery thread that makes the pins are most definitely scene stealing.

The one pin that I allowed myself to run away with was one of a bottle of champagne. It was between the bottle or a cute coupe and, while both would have been fabulous, the pins each cost around fifteen to twenty dollars and, as much as I loved them, only one would do. Thus, it was the bottle. The little pin is just an adorable, fun embellishment that says so much about the wearer: you like to have fun, you like fancy things, and, yes, you have great taste in both booze and clothing. If there was a disposable income available to me to have spent hundreds of dollars on these pins to make a more detailed scene of debauchery, I would be wearing them on the back of a jean jacket right now.

If interested in these pins, you can and should peruse their online boutique. Note that these are not all of the pins as Paper Tiger seemed to have an extensive collection of these goods that are missing from this page. For such little fashion items, these embroidered pins make such a big impact. They’re perfectly fun and fancy—and they undoubtedly make great gifts.

Macon Lesquoy Embroidered Pins Paris France 1234KYLE5678 1

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