Make Your Thanksgiving Better With Canned Rosé

Next week is Thanksgiving and that obviously means you have to start thinking about what you will be drinking now. Holiday drinking is serious business! It should be creative and fun and, above all, easy.

I have an idea for you: get some canned wine. You can go for the varied but undoubtedly OK CA Winecraft cans or classic with pink cans of sparkling Sofia. If you don’t go for Sofia, you should go for canned rosé which I have a feeling is going to be a big thing next year since rosé finally had it’s breakout this Summer: canned rosé is next.

Thus, a few options for you. I will qualify them with this: cans of nice wine can be expensive. Yet, they pack a good bang since most of these cans are half a bottle of wine. They go a long way! They’re good for drinking after work, enough of the drink to keep you satisfied and last you all night. They’re also super discrete for drinking around town and out with friends. Add these to your repertoire of drinking, if you can find them. I ordered all of these online and they were expensive due to higher shipping costs. If you can find them at your local fancy wine store, have at. I guarantee it will make you the coolest drinker at Thanksgiving.

Pampelonne Rosé Lime
Likely the strangest entry, Pampelonne is Sofia’s slightly older and more common cousin. This drink has the crisp sizzle of a fine rosé but with a curious good/bad/good citrus cut. It tastes like rosé soda, like you mixed some wine with Sprite. This isn’t bad: it’s kind of weird. Enjoy while sitting in the sun.

Underwood Rosé
This is the clear winner for many reasons. For less than $25, you can pick up a beautifully packaged four pack of this light but hearty rosé. You can find these at lots of stores around the country and, should you not want to get heavier, there are both Pinot Noir and Pinot Gris cans too. I haven’t tried either of those but I am sure they are good. Fair warning though: the design of this can makes it super, super easy to sip. This is good and bad because it will secretly get you wasted.

Fiction Rosé
These next two items are from Field Recordings in Paso Robles and they too offer different types of canned wines. The Fiction is very classically rosé and is exactly what you think you are getting. These cans are $10 apiece ($40 for a four pack) which sounds like a lot but they’re tallboys with three and a half glasses in them. The design on these are great, too.

Alloy Grenache Rosé
While cheaper and bigger, this rosé is kind of interesting in its non-roséness. It feels like a Chardonnay and has a distinct funk to it, likely from it being a Grenache wine. It’s an acquired taste but, hey, it is a canned rosé. If you do like this or want to try some other canned wines, there is a cabernet, chardonnay, and pinot noir too.

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