Male Celebrities Who Are Now Old Or Dead But Looked Hot In Shorts When They Were Younger Or Alive

It’s Summer, it’s warm, male-ish figures need to doing that thing they do: showing off them legs in short pants.

Short pants—Colloquially known as “shorts.”—are pants that don’t go to the floor but end around the knee. You should be wearing them, dude people.

If you need help understanding them, I’m here to help. If you’re looking for inspiration regarding how shorts should or could look because you rarely see celebrities in good shorts, rest assured: I have a resource for you, a collection of male celebrities who are now old or dead but looked hot in shorts when they were younger or alive.

Bookmark this page as a reminder of how dapper and delightful dudes can look in shorts, whether at the beach or simply enjoying Summertime. Enjoy, short’d men people!

Paul Newman is serving a literally iconic, excellent look for shorts: men—at anytime, any place—steal this jacket, shorts, socks, and shoe combination. It is beyond preppy delicious.

Don’t let the A-tee fool you but, yes, John Travolta has a pretty killer sausage in them short pants. This is a lesson in shapely shorts for attracting attention for all you gay boys out there.

Falling into nineties comeback culture? Take a cue from John F. Kennedy, Jr. on how to play with color and wear sunglasses with a backwards hat.

Yes, Robin Williams is in character but this is a fun play on stripes.

Gregory Peck literally tied the bottom of his shirt like a damn preppy woman and I am in love. Also: loafers and a thigh-length patterned short are always a good idea—but maybe let the shirt drop to pocket length.

Yes, this might just be Bruce Lee in boxers but—You know what?—he looks great.

Sidney Poitier, James Dean, Sammy Davis Jr., and Jack Lemmon hanging out, no big deal. Note Dean’s school boy attire which is adorable as it is very Thom Browne.

Mel Brooks at the beach with his bae—er—daddy—err—some other guy. A lesson in patterned swimwear, mostly to Jack Antonoff (who may or may not be Mel Brooks).

Dustin Hoffman working out. Continue—and take advantage of this shorts-and-hoodie combo.

Bruce Willis looks very adorable in floral shorts and a sweater. I want this outfit (and that watch) but with shoes.

Tom Cruise teaching you the appropriate length of shorts (and not to tuck in your t-shirt).

The Beatles look like assholes here—except for John Lennon.

Richard Gere, in a scene from a movie. Squint and you can make out his pee pee.

Erik Estrada with a dog in Adidas shorts, if Adidas had four stripes instead of three.

Now these are just lusty. Thanks, Rob Lowe.

Patrick Swayze with two women in shorts.

Muhammad Ali, in his “uniform.”

Ahhhh, yes: Harrison Ford. This is an iconic shorted man photo. The sweater, the shorts, the shoes. All good. Please copy this into your mind.

A good example of shorts with socks and shoes from Dean Martin.

I rather like these cutoffs and informal “work” shirt on David Cassidy.

An asshole, sure, but Clint Eastwood was a beach hunk.

As was Sean Connery—but he isn’t an asshole.

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