Manal Kara’s Happy & Hip Ceramics

With Christmas coming up, I am all about that ceramics game, looking for cool, interesting glasswares to gift. One person that I’ve come across is Manal Kara who makes some wild, wacky, happy, and hip artistic ceramics that are easy to fall in love with.

She’s known for her drinking vessels but she makes much more than the “utilitarian.” She also makes lumpy vases, nonsensical-sensical ceramic brushes, cheery lamps, and these long ass happy dildo looking things that are made for holding in your hand. She also makes non-Garfield-but-Garfield bowls for you to smoke up and eat a lot of lasagna with.

Manal Kara Sculpture Ceramics Textile 1234KYLE5678 3

Kara’s works are so fantastic because they’re a mixture of crazed pop culture and splattered canvases. They feel like hardened asymmetrical cousins to tie-dyed clothing. All of her works have a form to them but their execution is more concerned with the raw and fun: why be fusty and common when you could crank everything to a crazy eleven? I like that way of doing things.

Additionally, Kara also works in textiles and creates window pillows with colorful guts. Although in a different medium, it is very easy to find the speckled connection between the two ways she makes. That’s her thing. You can pick up some of her goods in her shop and you might want to follow her on Instagram because she occasionally does giveaways.

Manal Kara Sculpture Ceramics Textile 1234KYLE5678 Mcdonalds

Manal Kara Sculpture Ceramics Textile 1234KYLE5678 2 lamp

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