Maybe Don’t Watch Jeepers Creepers

As a huge horror fan, it is my duty to share this with other horror fans: you probably shouldn’t watch the newest Jeepers Creepers movie. In fact, don’t watch any of them.

The third installation slides into the series about a strange, ghoulish, vaguely musical “Creeper” who feeds on fear and human flesh. The original was fun, the sequel was funner, and this new sequel is something I’ve yet to let myself engage with.

Why? Because all of them were made by a noted child molester.

Victor Salva is the man behind the films and is noted for being gay and, unfortunately, for doing very inappropriate things with children. The LA Times explained in 1995.

Victor Salva, a former child-care worker who impressed Hollywood filmmakers with his early cinematic work, was sentenced to three years in state prison in 1988 for molesting a 12-year-old boy who had acted in two of his films. Salva videotaped one of the encounters.

Salva, 37, declined to be interviewed but issued a statement Tuesday through his agent saying he deeply regretted his actions, adding: “I paid for my mistakes dearly.”

As one of his victims explained in the piece, he was shocked that Salva was allowed “around kids again” in a filmic context. This was in reference to Salva’s film Powder which was about high school kids.

How he went on to make a Coppola backed franchise? We may never know.

Regardless, people aren’t staying quiet about Salva. Last year, Bloody Disgusting sounded the alarm and has refused to cover any of Salva’s past, present, or future works. Indiewire has also sounded the alarm recently noting that the new film features a molestation plot line. Uhh. What the ever living fuck? The Telegraph notes abuse jokes are in the film and Movie Web reported that the premiere was cancelled because of threats of protest.

If you don’t believe this, Snopes has fact checked the story and abuse survivors from Salva’s actions have spoken out against the film.

So. Disown Jeepers Creepers, horror fans. The real life story behind the film is all the creeps you’ll need this weekend.

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