Maybe The Grindr For Friends Is Actually Grindr?

Have you been on Grindr? It’s a bit intense. I’ve only been on for the sake of joking or making fake profiles to laugh at with Bobby or in mixed company. Grindr is not to be taken seriously as it is almost strictly for hooking up—but maybe we are missing something here: maybe Grindr is the new MySpace. Maybe it is really “a place for friends”?

According to a survey of the app (via NNN), 47% of Grindr users are finding friends through the dating service. To this point, the app claims there are “seven times as many married users as there are engaged users on the app.” The people who released the survey joke that this may be hinting at the end of relationships—but this may actually be people looking for friends. It is also the go-to social network of choice for gay dudes. Again: it’s apparently a place for friends.

This survey is begging to be laughed at and not taken seriously. I’m not taking it that seriously either because Grindr is ridiculous. I will say this though: finding gay friends is extremely difficult. When you are a same sex oriented person, finding same sex friends who are also same sex oriented is damn near impossible because there is always a “temptation.” This isn’t actually the case (since sex isn’t always on the mind) but it is exactly why no one views a site like Grindr as a place to find suitable activity partners and drinking buddies. The risk of crossing the line seems too way too real.

I’m willing to test this out, though. I have a handful of gay friends and I am always looking to make more. It would also be amazing to make friends in different parts of gay world, from different age groups and ethnic groups and social classes, etc. Perhaps Grindr could be this? I’m willing to try this out. Maybe I will look into this as an experiment that I will document on this website. Stay tuned, homos.

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