Meet Your Two Newest Dogs

There are new dogs. Have you heard about the new dogs? There are new dogs. They are new dogs.

These are the two new dogs. These are not made up dogs but they are official dogs, official American Kennel Club dogs. They are officially new dogs. What are these dogs? They are a big and a small one, a hairy one and a not-hairy one. They are different dogs but they are new dogs.

The first different new dog is called a Sloughi. It is pronounced SLEW’GHEE. It looks like a Saluki but less furry. It is a pretty hound. It is like a naked Afghan, one that is less old lady and more sporty. The Sloughi—SLEW’GHEE—is also known as the “Arabian Greyhound” because it comes from North Africa, mainly Morocco. This dog would look ridiculous on a magic carpet. It also looks like the dog used in the artwork for Will & Ink releaes.

The second dog is the American Hairless Terrier, which is a spotted hairless rat. It is like the Ray-Monkey monster from Braindead but kind of cute and with less ferocious teeth but the same lack of hair. These dogs look like my Scooter but if Scooter was a naked rat with small, sharp spots and skin rolls that feel like my own skin but a little smoother and smell like dog ears which is a good smell, a good smell similar to baby smell (at least to me). Some of these dogs are crushingly adorable while other look like disturbing demon dogs while others somehow have hair and aren’t as cute.

So these are the new dogs. Have you heard of them? They are new. They are two new dogs for you to think about. You can add them to the rotation of dogs that you dream about. They are new and they will compete for The Best Dog Ever at The Best Dog Ever Pageant, which I think happens later this year. Watch for these dogs. They are new. Welcome them and pet them and maybe get them (if they are rescued).

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