Merry Linksys

Ho, ho, ho! Enjoy your family! Enjoy these links! Great!

• The year in musical disappointments.
• For some reason, this is super duper disgusting to me.
• 2015 was actually quite average in terms of violence. Good?
• “The 20 Hottest Video Game Hunks Of All Time
• Does the NFL treat women better or worse than they treat dogs?
• “May the force be in you.
• Did you know that Bill Hader and Ben Schwartz helped make the sound of BB8?
• If you are an LA person who listens to public radio, you’ll know the name and you should help: KPCC’s Steve Julian has brain cancer and would benefit from a donation. Please give!
Queen Amadala, the manifestation of why the old-new Star Wars movies were so overworked.
• You have probably seen this but this is so uncomfortable.
• Cool on you, PornHub.
• Counting down the music memes of 2015.
• Giant salamanders are kind of gross but I am also fascinated by them.
• What happens when you make 1955 recipes in 2015.
• Something to scare you out of drinking because that is the job of science.
• The Complex documentary about Supreme resellers.
• A fun exploration of Star Wars and LGBT youth.
• This video is perfect.
• This is hell.
• Neat!
• …so BB-8 isn’t exactly probable?
• Brave.
• Full frontal male nudity wasn’t seen enough, in my opinion.
• Nice long list of great 2015 music.
• I endorse this endorsement.
• I hate this and I love this, I’m sexually aroused by this and I’m repulsed by it.

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