Mitshetsho We Zindaba

Nozinja Lodge is a South African musician who recently had his debut album released on Warp. The artist basically has created his own form of afro-electro that falls within the subgenre of Shangaan electro, a very fast paced and neon colored fusion of homespun electronic music with strong African rhythmic roots. Nozinja’s self-titled debut is a fantastic, super fast release—but one song has successfully lodged itself into my brain: “Mitshetsho We Zindaba.”

It’s the second song on the album and, while I wish I could wax on about the lyrical content, I have no idea what the vocalists featured are singing. This said, the song has this amazing spin on early nineties dance pop and African group chant. It’s got it all: synthesized steel drumming, an aggressive backbone, and this irresistible computerized voice sample breakdown that truly is what carries the song. You can imagine this song being played over a dance scene in a film like Coming To America. It’s a near four minute dance stomp at 1000%: it’s the kind of song that finds a groove and does not escape it. Nozinja is quite excellent with that idea, too. None of his songs take a break from their main sonic thesis, thus making them amazing dance accomplishments. He offers no reprieve.

Find the song below and I highly recommend taking a listen to Nozinja. If you need more street cred to sell you on this, he was basically discovered by Caribou, who released some of his work before Warp plucked him up.

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