Moncler & Ami Have Collaborated On A Collection

My love for Parisian brand Ami is endless. They are the brand I most identify with right now, a brand that inspires better dressing and sharper sartorial skill. Ami is exactly what men these days should be wearing.

People are taking note, too. Not just little writer people like myself but bigger brands with more money, ones who can help them do whatever they want. Like what? Go crazy. That’s exactly what Ami has done recently: they collaborated on a Winter collection with Moncler.

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Described as a “fusion of Transalpine style,” the looks of Moncler X Ami are the usual tight and dramatically oversized clothing that makes Ami so special. Matching their own blue, white, and red with Monclers blue, white, and red (and black), you have a happy marriage of two similarly minded mens makers. You have delicious sweaters, tight, cute beanies, and exaggeration. The the name “AMI” spreads across and up chests like a mountain. The Moncler logo is blown up to be a giant snowflake tacked to the back of a hat, coat, bookbag, etc.

It’s all obviously warm, too. They aren’t the most extreme cold preventive clothing—but they are the most stylish. Everything is big, too. The zippers, the buttons, the pants: they’re all prepared for layering and drooping off small European frames. They are cool clothing cocoons for you to engulf yourself in amidst the cold.

There hasn’t been any word on when Moncler X Ami is going to make it to stores—but I will keep you posted. I will be fucking hounding their websites until I find out when they are available. No, I will not be able to afford them but I will lust after them online. I already own a few Ami things and am absolutely in love with them. They not only represent my love of Paris but they are pushing me into a new, more restrained styling territory that I have always tipped around. Perhaps it’s time to start saving up to add this to me new idea of myself.

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