Moneyball Monday, Troy Tuesday

I met a woman early Monday morning who worked in the lobby of a Downtown Los Angeles building.

“Happy Moneyball Monday,” she said.

“Moneyball like the lottery?” I asked with a smile.

“Like the Brad Pitt movie,” she replied. “I name each day after Brad Pitt movies for fun. Moneyball Monday, Troy Tuesday. I love him and he makes my week go by faster.”

She was a revelation, a person so cheery, so happy, so fun at 9AM that I was almost blinded by the exchange we had: she had taken the image of someone she loved (Brad Pitt) and used him as the carrot to get her through the drudgery of working for “the man.” She sat the actor at the top of her calendar like a sexy elf on a shelf to high five her as she leaves work each day. This is the type of human super powers that we need more of, a goodness so pure that it freezes you with delight.

I do wonder what the rest of her week is since she didn’t get passed Tuesday and I didn’t ask. Perhaps they are:

Moneyball Monday
Troy Tuesday
• World War WedneZday
• The Big Thursday Short
• Fight Club Friday
• Sleepers Saturday
• Se7en Sunday

That makes sense to me but we may never know as I’m not a Brad Pitt fanatic. Perhaps I will have to go back to this building and investigate further. Perhaps I can bring Brad Pitt with me. He does live in Los Angeles, after all.

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