More Wise Words From Grace Jones

“I love you—and I’d fuck you,” was what Grace Jones as she finished her show last night at the Hollywood Bowl. This came after sharing a new song, over ten costume changes, an interactive version of “La Vie En Rose,” an a capella non-religious and self-reflective version of “Amazing Grace,” and a fifteen minute hula hooping finale. We can all hope to be like Grace as we near a septuagenarian status.

As her parting statement showed, Grace has a remarkable handle on words. She has this blunt “Don’t fuck with me, fellas.” attitude. She has a unique energy that pulls you in, whether spoken or on the page. Obviously her memoir I’ll Never Write My Memoirs is going to be a bright raw ray of light. It’s the life energy and wisdom that we all need.

On the eve of the book’s release, I want to give you even more to soak in from amazing Grace. Thanks to an excerpt from the book shared with Time Out London, we now know Grace’s thoughts on misogyny—and how to fix the issue. Take it away. Grace!

I had to be a bitch to maintain any kind of authority. Well, if I were a man, I wouldn’t have been considered a bitch. If I were a man, I would simply have been in charge, however aggressive and demanding I was. I wouldn’t have had other people running about filming things behind my back. A man putting his foot down is in control. It’s strong. A woman putting her foot down is out of control. She’s weak.

The musing doesn’t end there: she has a solution for subduing male privilege. It is a queer idea. I fully, fully, fully support it. We should take Grace’s word as law.

What are the chances of a female president being elected? The men-only corporate reaction is: What about the tampons? Will she bleed everywhere? What if she gets pregnant? What if she is going through the menopause? What if she’s been through the menopause and is therefore old and used-up? It’s the same old caveman shit, a power thing. It’s why I want to fuck every man in the ass at least once. Every guy needs to be penetrated at least once.

Yes. I have always maintained this, too: every man—every person—should be penetrated at least once. Not only to understand the physicality of being penetrated but to inhabit the space of “a bottom” or the one getting fucked. Men should know what it’s like to get fucked. Gay or straight. Top or bottom. All men should be violated, their anuses slightly torn in personal or shared pleasure and discomfort. No man should go without penetration.

Thank you for the wise words, amazing Grace. I love you and I’d love to be fucked by you.

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