My 2017 Goals / Resolutions / Things To Do / Shit

New year, new me, right? Hopefully!

While I do consider myself somewhat fabulous, I’m the type of person who aims high at the start of a year, indulging in the reset that has been given to us. And why shouldn’t we indulge as such? Change is great—and I am all for change.

Thus, in keeping with my yearly tradition, here are ten things I hope to enable to happen this year. Last year I was approximately five for ten and this year feels ripe to do every one of these. Happy 2017! May all your dreams and goals and other shit come true.

The Weekday Vegetarian
The world is ending. Kind of? Kind of. Because of climate change and all the myriad wasteful American things we do, I’m putting my philosophy where my mouth is and switching from a meat person to a vegetarian…during the week. That means Monday through Friday there will be no meat allowed. Fish? Eh, maybe. Meat products like eggs and milk and cheese? Sure, I’m not becoming a vegan. The hope here is to reduce my participation in wasteful, flawed food systems in America, to attempt to eat healthier in general, and to will a national shift toward a plant based diet. Yes, there will be light meat on the weekend—but mot much. And, if you serve me meat, I will gladly partake. I’m not crazy. I’m simply hoping to cause change in a very simple, easy way. We need it.

Elevate Writing
My lil baby site 1234KYLE5678 is tired of crawling and I’d accordingly like to help the lil bub walk. How? With some better posts. My default in laziness are stupid round ups, reflections of culture, and generally uncreative musings. I’d like to come up with a greater editorial strategy to evolve the work, ideally toward interviews with interesting persons and personal essays. Think of the interview segment from Inside Amy Schumer expanded by text. That might be fun?

Volunteer Work!
This was something I failed to do last year that is a priority for 2017 given the state of our Union. Ideally I’d love to help older queers in the day to day while sharing their stories in addition to working with a group like the Sierra Club. Here’s hoping both can happen!

Call Your Grandmother.
It’s as simple as that. I need to call my older relatives more. My Aunt Sharon as well.

Less! Less! Less!
I spend too much time doing “less” as in “less productive means of spending my time.” These “less” things involve television, drinking, and general distractions from the present and future. I want more quality time for accomplishment since my life and career goals are still distances away. Less of these lesser things in life will help. I can use and abuse these things when I’m older…or not! (Moreover, I feel like they’re sucking certain aspects of my intellect and health. This is also a means to reclaim the once joyous, spritely me.) (I’d also like to partake in marijuana as a low stakes vice, too.)


More Reading!
This is obvious but last year I was painfully slack in this department. I’d like to read a book a week, three a month. A tall order, yes, but I’ve already tackled one and a quarter this year. On the right track!

Shorts Shorts Evolution
My shorts look is getting tired the older I get. This is a sad, unfortunate realization. This doesn’t mean my little half pants will be abandoned but that they will change to more interesting cuts, toward longer and generally different varieties. The uniform needs to evolve. It is time. I am in my thirties and a fading memory of a fuzzy twink.

Become A Freelance Writer.
Yes, it is time. Like the effort to make my writing more this year, it is time to turn directly to freelance writing. I need to stretch them scaredy lil feather arms and fly, demanding more from myself and money from people I write for. This is the year of the hustle and, as the Times points out, a new year is perfect to get this ball rolling. This is especially important given my putting out a few applications for MFA writing programs. If I decide to go with a program, I’ll need to financially sustain myself through the program and freelance writing can help.

I don’t take them. I need to. I shall use the time to read and to meditate and to think about the future. Namaste.

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