My Ten Favorite Posts Thus Far

We’ve talked about your favorite posts—but what are my favorite posts?

Here they are, in no particular order.

Rating Male Techno Artists By How Hot They Are
This was one of the earliest posts and still one that I strongly standby as it ranked alt-techno artists by how hot they are. We should rank men by this more often. Important content!

Missed Connection: Tiny Dog With Bus Man
Based on a true story, I wrote to a dog I will never meet again, in the hopes of relaying love from afar.

tfw: Someone You Follow Dies
This was in homage to a guy I followed on Instagram who inexplicably passed away, which his girlfriend documented on Instagram by way of sharing her grief.

All The Honda Days Posts
How could this not be a favorite? This reminds me I need to get on pre-producing the 2K16 version ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Them Good Ugly Chunky Black Leather Shoes
Even though this advice might fall on deaf ears, I find it to be a cheap way to steal a trend that people like Raf Simons are popularizing.

How Reality TV Works
This post took sooooooo much time and energy to create to ultimately fall on deaf ears. Rarely do I get to flex an expertise in anything so it was fulfilling to be able to “be an expert” on something for once.

#Obsessed #With #Beyoncé: Seven Years Of The Best Beyoncé Movie Ever
Before Lemonade, there was Obsessed. WAKE UP, SHEEPLE.

We’re All Queer Aliens: ANOHNI’s HOPELESSNESS As Dystopian Actualization
I review a lot of things and this particular review took the most time and energy because her album required it. I’m still in awe of this release.

People With Famous Parents That You Didn’t Realize Have Famous Parents
This post was literally a year in the making (and constantly being updated).

The Era Of Daddy Culture
Thought this was an astute connection, a moment where I got to toot my brain horn.

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