Myrna The Monster Is An Alien Millennial

In your twenties, you go through some post-adolescent change where you question everything you have done and you search for answers and you hope for the best nothing close to “the best” being available to you. It sucks and we joke that it’s Twentysomething Crisis—but it’s a real thing. It’s us all discovering anxiety and discovering what being unsatisfied is. It’s finding new friends and losing old ones. It’s realizing that you are a person and an adult and that we all die and, no matter what we do, we will never content. It sucks. We try. We grin and bear it.

This subject is something that has been covered in media since media was invented. None of them really get to the intensity of the situation, especially in a way that doused in depression: this is the perfect opportunity to make fun of our lives and, no, not in a Girls way that includes an ivory tower. Myrna The Monster is that. It’s a short film made by Ian Samuels (Who is a friend of mine, full disclosure.) and it handles this predicament of adulthood with a unique comedic sensibility that most modern films fail to understand.

Here’s the thing: the little movie is about an alien monster who is coming to terms with her past, present, and future. She’s desperate for something—love, attention, success, time, money, etc.—that she discovers in the panics that are the anxietal PTSD of her being ripped from her moon home planet and brought to earth. She saw her boyfriend die and is in a foreign planet; yet, like any young person with baggage moving to a new city, she figures it out. There is lusting and explosions and drugs that bring about revelations of the self. She makes it work, despite being some ugly alien girl with weird boobs and big dreams.

This movie is so genuine and wonderful. It warms you up. It’s funny and real and easy to project yourself onto. You easily can identify with the bizarro goof that is Myrna and you just wish that she, like you, can figure it out. And you will! It’s not that easy, regardless of if you are of Earth or the moon. Here’s hoping that we see more Myrna in the future.

(Also, side note: the film is entered into The Wrap’s Short Film Festival. Please vote on this film for being your favorite! It is the best.)

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