Naked And Afraid On The Internet

A few times a month, I dig a hole in my brain from thinking about how I am doing everything wrong. By “everything,” I mean “living and working online.” It’s all so fucking annoying and overwhelming. Nothing makes you feel closer to death than seeing YouTube stars and Vine stars and Snapchat stars boast millions of fans, swaying minds and Twitter trends by burping a want.

It is all ridiculous. It is all fucking ridiculous. It’s hard for me to separate my logical brain from my emotional brain to see anything else than I am fucked all around. It was all over for me before it began. This is hard to articulate, an online catch-22 that many people deal with but no one has found a non-annoying work around. It is ridiculous. It is all fucking ridiculous.

I Am Just A Pupil feels this. He is North Carolina electronic-ambient-comedy artist Joshua Clark. His new album 12 Hours FULL RELAXATION destroys modernity with eleven “songs” making fun of us. Mid-point “Naked And Afraid” captures how I feel. I wish I made it.

IAJAP takes the sound from a news story about a Los Angeles stylist who is desperate to mark her territory online via social networks and punches it with tapey whurs and a laugh track of seal barks. Immediately, your feelings about needing to be more involved online become moot. That ridiculousness of saying “It is all fucking ridiculous.” becomes ridiculous. You are the asshole—not the Internet. (But, yes, the Internet is still an asshole.) Who gives a shit about all this? No one does. Life is not the Internet. Fuck off, LA stylist.

No, the song is not something to blast but instead a three minute moment of techy New Age zen. IAJAP gets you. He hates it all but he probably hates you too because you are ridiculous. For more life skewering, you should explore 12 Hours. You’ll also enjoy the Siri fucking “Oasis,” which is a reminder that talking to a computer makes you both an asshole child and a child asshole. Listen to “Naked And Afraid” below, olds.

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