Natalie Portman Has Some Thoughts On Shorts, Too

As if Fran Lebowitz’s thoughts on shorts weren’t enough, Natalie Portman had a few things to say on the subject as well.

In speaking with the extremely fashionable Wisconsin Gazette (via), she did some shade throwing by way of Francophilia. The answer came when asked how her life has changed since moving to Paris. This was her response:

It’s so interesting to plunge into another culture and experience a different way of living. The city is so rich in terms of the architecture, the bookshops you find at every corner, the way everyone dresses so well. No Parisian ever walks around in shorts and even the children look very chic (laughs).

“…even the children look very chic,” she laughs, wearing a beret and black silk matchstick trousers. She extends a finger to ash the cigarette at the end of her holder, pulling up the sleeve to her black and white stripped top. She giggles and grabs a small glass of red wine, taking a sip from it, and restoring it to the table next to a small baguette. A dark brown poodle walks by the large window she sits in front of. She blinks, slowly, lingering behind her eyelids to reflect on her wonderful life. There is a sprinkle of glitter, taking her back to times spent in America and in Israel and all around the world. She laughs at these juvenile memories and opens her eyes.

“How is your French coming along?” the interviewer asks and she remembers, where she is, present, in a Parisian state of mind, content in a Dior dress surrounded by a community of people rich from the way they live. Then she farted a cloud of gold dust and sped away, over the Lourve and over the Champs-Élysées and over the Eifel Tower, Seine, Versailles, wine bottles, etc. Fireworks explode from the cloud, creating a runway for Benjamin Millepied to tiptoe up and above Los Angeles Paris for all to see. She sputters off another gold fart as they fly, spelling out “NATALIE LOVES PARIS, CITY OF STYLE AND CITY OF GRACE” above the twinkle of the city.

Natalie Portman sucks. At least Fran Lebowitz had a point of view behind her dislike for shorts: Natalie’s view is just snobby to be snobby.

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