New Songs For Every Specific Mood You Might Have Right Now

Our lives, our world, is very complicated right now.

To that, it can be difficult to find yourself identifying with other people or, in some cases, art. I want to help with that! Below, find a selection of new enough songs intended to match very specific moods you might be having right now. Enjoy them while you work through, wallow, or welcome the state that you are in.

For Those Feeling Itchy About Facebook Selling Your Information, Effectively Killing The World By Enabling Despotism: Secret State‘s “CIA UFO Google Search”

For Those Suffocating From The Hands Of A Man – Or Male Culture – Eager To Make A Big, Ophelia Style Statement: Lolina‘s “The River”

For Those Awakening To A Yellow Tinted World, A Smoggy Morning, Polluted Skies Without Any Rain: Ursula K. Le Guin & Todd Barton‘s “Heron Dance”

For Those Who Have To Work Over The Weekend But Are Still Going To Party And It’s Like The Movie 9 To 5 But You’re Also A Little Bit Of A Freak: Delroy Edwards‘ “Whan I Think”

For Those Planning On Getting Really Fucking Baked And Contemplative, Those Seeking To Go On A Journey That Is More Inward Instead Of Outward, Potentially With The Aid Of Recently Legalized Marijuana: Traumprinz‘s “Interior Renovations”

For People Concerned About The Environment, Who Plan On Spending Some Time Not Eating Meat, Worried About What Exactly Is Going On With The Pacific Garbage Patch: Kyle Bobby Dunn‘s “The Searchers”

For Persons Who Feel Like The Dystopia Of Tomorrow Is Here Today And, Instead Of Fretting Over It, You Welcome The Disaster So Long As It’s Easy To Dance To: Essaie Pas‘ “Complet Brouillé”

For Anyone Hoping to Get Their Final Kicks In On Craigslist Personals Before That Part Of The Site Shuts Down Or Until You Realize You Need To Get Your Freak On Elsewhere: Peggy Gou‘s “Hundres Times”

For Those Planning On Unplugging This Weekend And, Potentially, Never Looking Back: E Rucha V‘s “Carried Away”

For Anyone Who Gets Caught On Twitter By A Tweet From The President Only To Find A Tweet About A Puppy Only To Find More And More Photos Of Puppies, To Wash The Bad Orange Taste From Their Mouth And Mind From The Furry Happiness Of Canine Images: Jean-Michel Blais‘ “Blind”

For Those Who Are Just Going To Stay In Bed Because It’s Dang Overcast And It’s Supposed To Be Spring But WTF Is This Weather So You Pull The Covers Over You And Stare At Your Phone: Rafael Anton Irisarri‘s “Circuits”

For An Open Field Worrying About Urbanism: Biosphere‘s “Audax”

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