Nine Thoughts About RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars: Season Two, Episode Two

Somehow, brilliantly, All Stars has already defined itself as must see television for queer viewers. How did this beautiful curveball come to be?

And of course: spoilers ahead. Get last week’s recap here.

9. Is RuPaul Jewish?
For the majority of this week’s episode, Ru was wearing a very pronounced Star Of David necklace. This is not the sort of thing you wear ironically—unlike nineties rosary wearing—which made the presence very noticeable to fans. While there is no word of if he is or isn’t, an interview with Dazed did see Ru mentioning how gay culture can learn from Jewish culture. Interesting.

8. Age ain’t nothing but a—OH MY GOD THEY ARE THAT OLD???
Perhaps in their seasons these went under the radar but start paying attention to the age chyrons. Why? You’ll find that Detox is thirty and Alyssa is thirty five. That doesn’t sound that crazy until you realize how aged they look.

7. Adore is the new black.
Yes, we all knew Adore was going to self-eliminate. What we didn’t see was that RuPaul did not immediately decapitate her but, instead, smiled her way through it all like a bitter mother keeping her from slapping her daughter until she regained her sense. Adore is most definitely blacklisted. However, there is something to Adore’s exit: like we saw last week, this is a new era of All Stars where these queens go on to careers touring with each other and with Michelle Visage. Adore’s breakdown was overblown, yes, but it comes from a place of work: she and Michelle are now co-workers. They aren’t teacher and student since they work together not-on-the-show. To put them back in a context of judging seems bizarre and could taint their relationship outside of this show. Adore leaving was like opting out of the office dodgeball team as to not ruin your work life: she’s covering her ass and thinking about her job.

6. The Rudemption Game
It was nice to see The Snatch Game back so early, upping that bar even higher. Like last week for the mean girls, this challenge was a chance for a few girls to redeem themselves after initial failings on All Stars last week and their initial Snatch Game. This was particularly pronounced for Phi Phi, Detox, and Alyssa, who all did wonderfully…OK. A few tripped—Tatianna and Roxxy—but the real standout of awful was Detox who, for whatever reason, did the same deed that killed off Acid Betty. Why don’t they learn?!?!?!?!

5. A fascinating cast of judges.
The idea that “everyone is a judge,” that all contestants are always “on” to judge, is great. This was best exemplified in the pre-runway chatter where the queens explained what would happen if to-be eliminated queens both did well in the challenge: the judging would go on looks. This also highlighted how weird it is to have guest judges because, really, they have no bearing over the bottom: they are only to praise the top. Again: Adore was onto something, poking at the format flaws. Either the cast are the judges or the judges are judges. You can’t have it both ways.

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3. “Don’t be sorry–be fierce.
I don’t even remember the context of this but it is one of the best takeaways from a runway show ever. It’s Ru’s equivalent of, “Don’t boo. Vote.

2. Delicious deliberations.
Say what you will about the “cast of judges,” the pre-elimination dramatics are wonderful—especially given the baggage of previous season, a la Rolaskatox. While no outward alliances have formed, you could feel the weight of history pressing Tatianna, crushing her bones before she could even fight for herself. Yes, I didn’t want her to go—but was she really going to stay over Roxxxy? No. This was likely because of her poor performance and over all threat level but, regardless, watching Alaska deliberate was a delicious non-issue: she made her decision before she sat down to talk to anyone.

1. Not the last of my Tati.
I should have known the earliest season queen would be axed so early. Will she be coming back? Something is going to happen and, in the drag version of Last Chance Kitchen, I’m putting my money on Tati coming back.

Well. That was dramatic! Here’s the standings, which are all over the plae now.

10. Coco Montrese (Maybe she’ll be brought back if someone quits? That reminds me…)
9. Adore Delano (Maintained—and called this last week, y’all. We’ll never see you again in Drag Race world, Adore. You will be missed.)
8. Tatianna (Down five—and out. Still bummed about this but I know she’ll be back. I know it!!)
7. Phi Phi O’Hara (Down one. Her bitchiness is catching up with her already. She is absolutely repeating her history and, with basically poor showings two weeks running, she’s going to be gone soon.)
6. Roxxxy Andrews (Down two. She’s more of the same.)
5. Ginger Minj (Maintained. Is Ginger getting lost in this mix? I feel like she’ll be the one everyone forgets and, out of nowhere, will be eliminated for standing around in the background.)
4. Alyssa Edwards (Up three. I was kind of impressed with Alyssa this week! She’s not going to win but she’s rubbing off on me in a good way.)
3. Detox (Up five. This is strictly from her runway look. She will perpetually be third place to me. She is not a winner.)
2. Katya (Maintained. LOVED Katya’s look this week and LOVE her and hope she wins but…)
1. Alaska Thunderfuck (Maintained. Alaska is already on fire. Why? Because it never went out last season! She’s going to take this unless Katya can turn it up.)

Thoughts? I’m somehow impressed with all of this!

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