No Man Is Big Enough for My Arms

Ibeyi are twins Lisa Kainde and Naomi Diaz. Their latest album – Ash – was recently released and is pretty good.

But one thing that popped out during the listen is a song called “No Man Is Big Enough For My Arms,” a vibrating feminist hum groove that pushes you to pause. Why? Because it seems to invoke the sort of power in politics hat we rarely see anymore – and features clips and clips and clips from speeches by Michelle Obama on women in America.

It’s the type of creation that is as empowering as it is a jammer and, where contemporary sound clips tend toward the cheesy, this song works so well given the former First Lady’s overwhelmingly approachable voice and effusive passion in what she’s saying. It’s a song that gets you all kinds of choked up, longing for a time when this was seemingly the American operating system. You could call it a spiritual sister sequel to James Places’ “Courage To Ask.”

Given the context within this song is released, on a day when our current president guts employer health plans in regards to birth control, we need a little bit of the hope that Michelle Obama and Barack offered us. We need that bad. That feeling turns the humming underline of the song into a sort of “We told you so.” by the twins, a reminder to keep active and keep on change, to never give up. No man is big enough for my arms, indeed.

If you’re looking to give the new Kelela a break (Which is great.), turn this song on. I wasn’t wild about the entire album but it’s songs like this that mark time in a way that is very difficult to do. Listen below.

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