Opening Ceremony Does Dogs

The holiday season is approaching and we all need to have our gift shopping game faces on. I have been furiously hunting for the good shit, most of which involves dogs or browser shopping at Opening Ceremony. How do I find a happy place in between puppy love and expensive ass fashion stuff?!

Here we go: dog shit. No, not poop: Opening Ceremony has a mini line of dog collectibles for you to fall in love with and gift to each other or yourself. There is a poodley keychain in black or a poodley keychain in a version of my dogs. You can get a dog pouch if you want, to stuff full of cards and cash, or you could get the more formed dog cardholder if you wanted something with less frill. Want a pup to be your coin slot? Get a dog coin pouch. Need a dog to tell you where your luggage is? This doggie luggage tag is for you.

All these goods are in O.P. black and white and are made with 100% cow leather because why would you use dog leather. They are cute and cartoony and, above everything, for the fashionable lover of dogs. I would pet these every day if I had one. I hope to see more dog-fashion collections like this and I hope to see you take these around town. You can also buy some of these for me, too. I wish there was a dog friendly activity bag. Soon!

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