Our Generation’s Inside Joke

I think about Vine every day.

I miss it. I hope it is doing well. I acknowledge that it was a blip in digital entertainment history.

And I will never not look away from an analysis of the lost art form. Take this Guardian story about how Vine is a millennial inside joke, that these videos are a very “You had to be there.” sort of thing.

I’ll let my lil Vine bb crush Gabriel Gundacker explain why this is, why so many people are making compilations and digital historical longings for this mini high time online.

Gundacker believes Vine’s bizarre afterlife can be blamed on a bit of historical erasure. The platform was occasionally hilarious when it was alive, he said, but it was also clogged with plenty of boring, bland chaff. But now, Vine’s mediocre moments have been effectively forgotten, filtered out of the cultural canon. “These compilations make it seem like Vine was this haven of weird, experimental short form videos,” he continued. “In reality, you had to sift through a lot of garbage to find those videos, and I think if they brought Vine back, that would be the first repressed memory viewers would have to confront.

Curation, in a sense. These are modern mixtapes, ways to communicate feelings in an interdisciplinary way.

This only makes Vine better. We may have lost the platform but it seems to keep gaining power, evolving, becoming something else. I hope we never it never ends.

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