The pangolin is a scaled mammal.

Because of their scales, these keratin triangles that are like our nails or the horns of a deer, they have become a highly coveted creature. They are extremely threatened, poached to near extinction.

They are odd. But, as if it has to be said, they are adorable.

To heighten their adorability, their young ride the tails of their mothers, like a child grabbing the leg of a parent. It is painfully cute but also important for protection. As LiveScience explains, the tail-rides are common practice that helps when danger approacheas as “the mother will ball herself up around her baby to shield it.” What spectacular creatures.

And just look at them, in action! It’s like the mother’s body is a cozy apartment, a reverse hammock, a pine cone train chug-chugging to safety town. I would like to be a baby pangolin for a morning, specifically to get a ride from the tail of a mama pangolin.

These are such special creatures. It’s like I got high and imagined an artichoke became an anteater or fell asleep dreaming of ferret that became a breakfast pastry. Shame that they’re getting scooped up for many bad reasons. People are terrible: that’s the lesson here.

You can watch a pretty pangolin video below.

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