People With Famous Parents That You Didn’t Realize Have Famous Parents

Every time I see an article like this or like this, my eyes tumble backwards into a fenced off area below my cerebral cortex, where a herd of sheep are being yelled at to WAKE THE FUCK UP.

Why? Because so many famous, successful, rich people come from a line of famous, successful, rich people. These lists are a strange call to action, to realize that so much of who runs the world comes from people who were already running the world. It’s the great circle of rich life that I often lust after, wondering how I can evolve from my working class background to become one of them. Or can I? Or will I be forever embittered, confined to corners of the Internet to grovel and backhandedly complain? Time will tell.

In any event, I started this (ongoing) post in April 2015 as a means to log any A List, B List, C List, D List, etc. List celebrity who came into my solar system who, after doing some research, revealed themselves to be part of that rich system. A lot of these are obvious but lots are very “Huh.” and make you want to dig around to learn about their literally rich lives. This isn’t necessarily a takedown of nepotism but a mirror: this is how the world is. Rich people have a cache and leg up in certain aspects of life and that advantage, privilege, or whatever you want to call it should always have a spotlight on it. Be it because they were naturally closely related to an industry or because they had access to city items that others didn’t, it really doesn’t matter: there was some help.

This is not to diminish the talent of these people either. Many of them are super talent, super great and well worth their praise and position. But others? Who have millions of Instagram followers and millions of dollars for their title? That stuff needs to be focused on as we enter an age where literal analytics can show us where power lies—and we are eschewing our power and numbers to people who come from high numbers already. Again: WAKE THE FUCK UP, SHEEPLE.

With that, enjoy a very extensive, ongoing list of people with famous parents that you didn’t realize have famous parents.

(And, in the interest of full disclosure, this is my aunt. So “technically” I am one of them.)

Famous Parent(s)
• Actor Chris Pine, whose parents are Gwynne Gilford and Robert Pine.
• Actress Laura Dern, whose parents are Diane Ladd and Bruce Dern
• Person Georgia May Jagger, whose parents are Mick Jagger and Jerry Hall.
• Person Francis Bean, whose parents are Courtney Love and Kurt Cobain.
• Person Ronan Farrow, whose parents are Mia Farrow and maybe Frank Sinatra.
• Actress Tracy Ellis Ross, whose mother is Diana Ross.
• Person Zoë Kravitz, whose parents are Lisa Bonet and Lenny Kravitz, whose cousin is Al Roker.
• Actress Jamie Lee Curtis, whose parents are Tony Curtis and Janet Leigh.
• Actress Mariska Hargitay, whose mother is Jayne Mansfield.
• Actress Drew Barrymore, whose father is John Drew Barrymore, whose father is John Barrymore, who is in the Barrymore family.
• Person Lily Collins, whose father is Phil Collins.
• Director Sofia Coppola, whose father Francis Ford Coppola.
• Actress Maya Rudolph, whose parents are Minnie Riperton and Richard Rudolph.
• Actor Michael Douglas, whose father is Kirk Douglas.
• People Jaden & Willow Smith, whose parents are Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith.
• Person Brooklyn Beckham, whose parents are David Beckham and Victoria Beckham.
• Actor Colin Hanks & person Chet Haze, whose parents are Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson.
• Musician Miley Cyrus, whose father is Billy Ray Cyrus.
• Actress Angelina Jolie, whose father is Jon Voight.
• Actor Lorenzo Lamas, whose father is Fernando Lamas.
• People KatherinePatrick Schwarzenegger, whose parents are Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver, who is a Kennedy.
• Actor Billie Lourd, whose mother is actor Carrie Fischer, whose parents are Debbie Reynolds and Eddie Fisher.
• Actor Spencer & Greer Grammer, whose father is Kelsey Grammer.
• Musician Frankie Cosmos, whose father is Kevin Kline.
• Person Dan Levy, whose father is Eugene Levy.
• Actor Rashida Jones, whose father is Quincy Jones and mother was on Twin Peaks.
• Actor Ben Stiller, whose parents are Jerry Stiller and Anne Meara.
• Director Duncan Jones, whose father is David Bowie.
• “Director” Max Landis, whose father is John Landis.
• Actor Alexander Skarsgard, whose father is Stellan Skarsgard.
• Singer Fiona Apple, whose father is Brandon Maggart.
• Actor Dakota Johnson, whose parents are Don Johnson and Melanie Griffith, whose mother was Tippi Hedren.
• Gooper Gwenyth Paltrow, whose mother is Blythe Danner.
Today person Jenna Bush Hager, whose father is George W. Bush.
Girl Lola Kirke, whose father is musician Simon Kirke.
• Girl Allison Williams, whose father is Brian Williams.
• “Actor” and squinter Scott Eastwood and Francesca Eastwood, whose father is Clint Eastwood.
• Political Commentator Meghan McCain, whose father is John McCain.
• Person Gabriel-Kane Day-Lewis, whose father is Daniel Day-Lewis.
• People Dylan & Brandon Lee, whose parents are Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee.
• Actor John David Washington, whose father is Denzel Washington.
• Person Dylan Brosnan, whose father is Pierce Brosnan.
• “Actor” Max Irons, whose father is Jeremy Irons.
• “Model” Rafferty Law, whose father is Jude Law.
• “Model” Presley Gerber, whose mother is Cindy Crawford.
• Person Daisy Lowe, whose father is Gavin Rossdale.
• Actor Kate Hudson, whose mother is Golide Hawn.
• Icon Liza Minelli, whose mother is Judy Garland.
• Actor(?) Eva Amurri, whose mother is Susan Sarandon.
• Director Eli Craig and screenwriter Peter Craig, whose mother is Sally Field, whose mother is Margaret Fields.
• Musicians Wilson Phillips and “actor” Bijou Phillips, whose fathers are Brian Wilson and John Phillips, respectively.
• Actor turned personality Tori Spelling, whose parents are Aaron Spelling and Candy Spelling.
• Singer Elle King, whose father is Rob Schneider.
• Actors Bridget Fonda, whose father is Peter Fonda and aunt is Jane Fonda, whose father was Henry Fonda.
• Actors Patricia, David, Rosanna, & Alexis Arquette, whose father is Lewis Arquette.
• Actors Grace & Mamie Gummer, whose mother is Meryl Streep.
• Actor Blake Lively, whose father is Ernie Lively and mother is Robyn Lively.
• Actor Robert Downey Jr,. whose father is Robert Downey Sr..
• Actor Jennifer Aniston, whose father is John Aniston.
• Iconic person Nicole Richie, whose father is Lionel Richie.
• Actor Bryce Dallas Howard, whose father is Ron Howard.
• Person Rumer Willis, whose parents are Bruce Willis and Demi Moore.
• Actor Amber Tamblyn, whose father is Russ Tamblyn.
• Actor Sarah Sutherland, whose father is Kiefer Sutherland, whose father is Donald Sutherland.
• Singer Norah Jones, whose father is Ravi Shankar.
• Actor Asia Argento, whose father is Dario Argento.
• “Funny person” Abby Elliott, whose father is Chris Elliott.
• YouTube person Olivia Jade, whose mother is Lori Loughlin.
• “Model” Hailey Baldwin, whose father is Stephen Baldwin, who is a Baldwin.
• Person Ivanka Trump, whose father is Donald Trump.
• Musician Secret Circuit (Née: Eddie Ruscha), whose father is Ed Ruscha.

Alternatively Famous, Rich, Or Well Connected Relatives(s)
• Actors Jake & Maggie Gyllenhaal, whose father is Emmy nominated director Stephen Gyllenhaal.
• Adork Zooey Deschanel, whose father is Academy Award nominated cinematographer Caleb Deschanel and mother was on Twin Peaks.
• Models(?) GigiBella, & Anwar Hadid, whose parents are Yolanda Hadid of Real Housewives and Mohammed Hadid.
Girl Lena Dunham, who mother is artist Laurie Simons.
• Girl Zosia Mamet, whose father is playwright David Mamet.
• Actors Jason SchwartzmanNicolas Cage, who are in the Coppola Family.
• Models Cara & Poppy Delevigne, who are descendants of politician Sir Hamar Greenwood.
• Actors Rooney & Kate Mara, who are a part of sports empire Rooney family.
• Actor Armie Hammer, who is the great grandson of millionaire businessman Armand Hammer.
• Musician Mark Ronson, designer Charlotte Ronson, & Lindsay Lohan’s former girlfriend Samantha Ronson, who are Ronsons.
• Actors Owen & Luke Wilson, whose mother is photographer Laura Wilson.
• “Actor” Lydia Hearst, who is part of the Hearst dynasty.
• Actor Lea Seydoux, whose father is tech entrepreneur Henri Seydoux, who is a part of the industrialist Seydoux family.
• Director Spike Jonze, who is a part of the Spiegel family.
• Actress Julia Louis-Dreyfus, who is a part of the Louis-Dreyfus dynasty.
• Person Paris Hilton, who is a part of the Hilton family and whose mother is sisters to actors and Real Housewives Kyle & Kim Richards.
• Political Commentator Jacob Soboroff, whose father is politician Steve Soboroff.
• Person Ruby Rose, who is related to Australian Legend Alec Campbell.
• Actor Emma Roberts, whose aunt is Julia Roberts.
• Actor Melissa McCarthy, whose cousin is Jenny McCarthy.
• Model Lily Aldridge, whose father is artist Alan Aldridge.
• Person Alma Jodorowsky, whose grandfather is Alejandro Jordowsky.
• Actor Hailee Steinfeld, who is related to muscle man Jake Steinfeld.
• “Actor” Ethan Peck, whose grandfather Gregory Peck.
• All Kardashian People, who come from lawyer and meat-packing heir Robert Kardashian.
• Host Billy Bush, who is a Bush.
• Singer Carly Simon, whose father co-founded Simon & Schuster.
• Political commentator Anderson Cooper and actor Timothy Olyphant, who are Vanderbilts.
• Actor Reeve Carney, whose uncle is Oscar winner Art Carney.
• Actor Jason Sudekis, whose uncle is Cheers’ George Wendt.
• Actor Taran Killam, whose great uncle is Emmy award winner and host of Unsolved Mysteries Robert Stack.
• Actor Dylan McDermott, whose adoptive mother is playwright Eve Ensler.
• Actress Martha Plimpton, who is a Carradine.
• “Comedian” Rose Schlossberg, who is a Kennedy.
• Actor Balthazar Getty, who is a Getty.
• Actor Alia Shawkat, whose grandfather was Emmy nominated actor Paul Burke.
• Actor Michelle Williams, whose father is politician, writer, and trader Larry Williams.
• YouTube person Hunter March, whose grandfather is Hal March.
• Actor Christian Bale, whose father is entrepreneur David Bale, who is now married to Gloria Steinhem.
• Actor Ansel Elgort, whose parents are Vogue photographer Arthur Elgort and choreographer Grethe Barrett Holby.
• Actor Tilda Swinton, whose father is Sir John Swinton Of Kimmerghame of the Swinton family.

Siblings & Cousins
• Game Of Thrones’ Alfie Allen is musician Lily Allen‘s brother.
• Actress Kyra Sedgewick is distant cousins to icon Edie Sedgewick.
• Actress Sissy Spacek is cousin of actor Rip Torn.
• Actor Henry Winkler is cousin of actor Richard Belzer.
• YouTube person Mahogany Lox is Sky Blu of LMFAO‘s brother.
• Actor Jussie Smollet is Jurnee Smollett-Bell of Full House‘s brother.
• Musician Jack AntonoffLena Dunham’s boyfriend—is fashion designer Rachel Antonoff‘s brother.

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