Perfectly Fake Security Tag Jewelry

Have you ever walked out of a store with a security tag still attached to a piece of clothing, alerting the robot door to holler at everyone that you almost stole? Yes, yes you have.

But have you ever thought about that security tag being a fashion item itself? It’s an interesting question since the two items—an item that prevents you from fashion and an item that is fashion—are tied together so intimately but so philosophically opposite. It’s not surprising that security tag brooches have popped up, gilding the plastic security guards in an ironic case.

Architect and Etsy maker Michał Jońca has this in mind since he’s created a little line of fake security tag jewelry. They come in familiar but wrong shapes—perfect circles, rounded rectangles, conic dongles—that evoke that of fashion security while parodying the actual devices. They come in discrete muted colors, mostly pastels intended to resonate that these items aren’t going to rat anyone out: they strictly want to make you look cool.

Each “jewelry” item is made of resin and fastened by way of a brass safety pin. Each one is hand made, adding a uniqueness to the product in addition to a full confrontation of the mechanic quality of literal safety tags. Jońca’s run from a little over twenty bucks to a little below forty bucks, coming in three styles and four-ish color ways. They’re delicious and should be worn in packs.

Check out all Jońca’s work here. And pray that a big design house doesn’t rip him off.




H/T via Bobby.

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