Personal News: I Am A School Boy Now

I graduated from college in May 2008. Now, in August 2017, I am back in school again.

Huh? Well, I’m pursuing an MFA in Creative Writing at Otis College Of Art & Design, a fab little art school in Los Angeles (that, for locals, is basically next to LAX).

What does this mean? You know what? I have no idea. It means I’ll be busier, probably have no life, and will come out of this in two years with a book written leaning towards publishing houses and, ideally, a few short stories published.

This, effectively, is putting jumper cable to the writing I’ve been doing in various places, a nudge to both double down on the freelance contributions I’ve made while pushing in the other direction, toward fiction writing and the like. It’s something I’ve been doing on-the-side for years now, making little progress or traction in my work as it relates to getting published or producing anything substantial. This MFA program should elevate all of these efforts.

It’s exciting! It’s also scary. Mostly the concern comes from there being a finite amount of time, money, and energy that now has to be negotiated or balanced with a new entity: college. It’s admittedly bizarre, both being a student again and actually taking on even higher education as I swore off such things for years and years and years (because it’s such an expensive pursuit).

Yet, here we are. I am a school boy now. Hopefully I survive (I will.) but I might be a little stretched, blinky, and on an all soup diet. We shall see in two years time, won’t we?

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