Pet The Damn Puppy At The Damn Party

Everyone wants to pet the puppy at a party. It is a fact of party nature.

Why is this? Well. Because dogs are good and people can be terrible: you want to pet the puppy because they are an assured net-positive experience. And, in this social and political economy, most people would probably drift toward kind, unhateful animals instead of weathering the storm of speaking to potentially terrible people.

For those who love the thrill of placing dogs over humans, you should probably play the seemingly easy, crushingly cute game Pet The Pup At The Party by Will Herring. The game is exactly what you think: you are a person at a party and you run around, avoiding people, trying to find all the puppies on the scene. It is fun.

But, like trying to steal that pupper time at the pupper party, it is not exactly easy. The game doesn’t present itself as such but it is a 3D runner, where you have to avoid people and obstacles, opening doors and opening doors and opening doors, all to pursue the dog barks until you find the dog. There is a time limit and the dogs are surprisingly difficult to find. It takes some effort but it is not impossible: you will pet the puppy.

The game is like Neko Atsume but with pups and parties and, like Neko, it’s a lot harder than it looks. Some advice though, as I spent a solid hour tinkering with this game: don’t stop and don’t search too deep. You – like me – may assume that a dog is hiding under a box and that you need to open a drawer to find the dog. No. Just run. Run and run and run. Moreover, if you have a sense of a dog direction, barrel toward it. Bathrooms are typically dead ends although some hold doors if they are large enough. Lastly, you will always be surprised by the puppy. Don’t ever expect to be not-shocked by their appearance.

You will love this damned game. It may be slightly single serving but, hey, we need that bullshit in these terrible times. The game is also donation based so you won’t break the bank to play and will be supporting a cool, young game maker. Give the game a try and see if you can unlock all 52 dogs. (I currently have 16 of them.)

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