Pick Out Your Clothing The Night Before—And Wear Blue If You Don’t Know What To Wear

Sometimes I have what I call an Existential Crisis of Fashion. This is when I go to pick out what I want to wear for the day or work or to an event—but I draw a blank. I keep trying on shorts and tossing on shirt after shirt. I examine myself in the mirror, confused: nothing is making sense. The process quickly escalates from a five minute process to a ten minute process to a thirty minute process: once you let anxiety enter your dressing space, you’re basically fucked because none of your clothing will make you happy.

You can remedy this by picking your clothes out the night before. It really works! When I get home from work, I put my shit away and then go change into whatever home clothing I want—and then I pick out what I want to wear the next day. With a bit of brain fatigue and a want to move quickly, the process never lasts more than five minutes. You latch yourself onto one item and quickly build an outfit from there, filling in appropriate sweaters or shirting or shoes where necessary. It works every time and it saves you anywhere from five minutes to an hour in the morning.

If you run into roadblocks, some advice: go with blue, specifically navy. Start from here since it is the kindest, most versatile color in anyone’s wardrobe. You have it in your jeans, maybe in a sweater, maybe in shoes: you have blue all over the place. It works well with white and red even yellows and orange—you can even match it with black, too.

You should always look good and looking good should never be a chore. Make it easy for yourself: pick your shit out the night before and, should an Existential Crisis of Fashion pop up, go for blues.

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