Connie Constance’s “Stars” Is A Teen Dream

Connie Constance is a London based, big accented girl who is apparently making super wonderfully moody nu-R&B. She only has one single—”Stars”—that is throbs with buzz. It feels like you are holding onto a member about to explode everywhere, a powerful and exciting moment to take in an artist. This girl is good.

The song “Stars” is a little, slow burning explosion. It starts quietly with sad piano and low hums, which Connie breaks with her British yowl. She has a childish and bright voice that is both under and over developed, a perfectly suited feature for her lyrics about adult and kid things: smoking, your mom driving, staying out late, and—most importantly—trying to find yourself, trying to evolve and get ahead. There is a rich vulnerability here, something that makes you want to cry because we’ve all been in the confused place she’s singing about. We’re all under those same melancholy, shitty, wonderful stars. We all get lost in them, too.

The credits for the songs dark production is Blue Daisy who makes Connie absolutely shine. Who knows if Connie can follow this up on her Grass EP but, damn, this is a fucking deep ass debut. This song is probably the best of the year—at least it is to me for now. It makes me want to sit by myself and cry/jam.

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