Listen To Elizabeth Warren

Elizabeth Warren is the real Wonder Woman. She is a crusader that liberal Democrats dream of and she is a champion of letting women do what they do, without any politician (or man) questioning their decisions. She is an American treasure.

The Massachusetts Senator gave a speech this past Monday backing Planned Parenthood, which is one of the best seven minutes of politics you will hear this week. (Well, serious political listening: tonight’s Republican debates will undoubtedly be a vaudevillian performance.) Warren speaks about the importance of PP and that all women need to be able to have the power to do what they want for their health. Her speech is a direct fire at Republicans for being fucking jackasses who want to shut down some “liberal” baby killing organization. It’s totally absurd and Warren, with the grace and tact of a wonderfully condescending teacher, hands all conservative women haters their ass. Will she get people to change their minds? I hope so. Republicans will likely go on being the jackasses that they are, slandering a great organization like Planned Parenthood because of fucking antiquated religious beliefs and a sure tie to some medical organization that is tying women down.

You can watch the video below and it is absolutely necessary viewing. I am praying, praying, praying that Warren gets swooped up as Hillary’s right hand woman. That would be my political dream of all dreams: two strong women in the White House who will divide and conquer, telling everyone to sit the fuck down and deal with them. Here’s to you, Warren (and Hilldawg).

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