Please Rains On Me

Rains is a Dutch rainwear brand. They basically are making really, really cool and very legitimate jackets (and pants and bags) for wet weather. They are an essential fashion project.

I caught the brand while perusing American Rag over the weekend. There was a rack of jackets that were all quite cool looking, a sleek assortment of both understated and overstated colors. It was easy to find yourself wandering up to them to check them out. Upon closer inspection, you realize that they have a very specific, anti-water purpose: they’re raincoats. They come in poncho and jackets and long coats, each of them extremely durable and attractive—especially the camo ones. I definitely need that Rains stuff.

Rains Denmark Rainwear 1234KYLE5678 4

The irony here is obviously that these wears are being sold in Southern California, an extremely dry environment in the midst of a crippling drought. Maybe Rains’ local presence is one of those “build it and it will come” scenarios: by putting raincoats in a very LA store, does that mean rain will come? It honestly did though: after I checked out the jackets, I left the store to find very minimal pitter patters from the sky. Nothing drought changing but it certainly was a welcomed surprise.

Keep an eye on this brand, wet people who don’t want to be wet. They don’t cost that much and certainly bring style to a very utilitarian clothing item. And don’t worry, ladies: Rains has you covered, too.

Rains Denmark Rainwear 1234KYLE5678 3

Rains Denmark Rainwear 1234KYLE5678 2

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