Pour Some Champagne Into A Big Gulp & Chill With Nite Jewel

LA based electronic popper Nite Jewel‘s new album Liquid Cool is out now. It’s pretty good! But, a question: what is this cool liquid?

With the release of the video for her song “Boo Hoo,” I think we have an idea: it’s champagne in a Big Gulp cup.

As Noisey pointed out, the video is directed by Emilia Kurylowicz and is a stop-and-go repeater of a fun retro time of Jewel (real name: Ramona Gonzalez) enjoying a lonely night out. It feels simultaneously then and now: her bob channels both Anna Wintour and the boss from Don’t Tell Mom The Babysitter’s Dead; her downed suspenders remind of vintage TLC and current street style stars; and everything from her hoop earrings to her lacey top to her top-of-car swaying feel in between a cast reunion and lost tape of Saved By The Bell. She’s channeling some very strong, wonderful vintage now aesthetics in this lonely night out.

And then this happens:

Boo Hoo Nite Jewel Champagne Slurpee Big Gulp 7 Eleven Liquid Cool Emilia Kurylowicz 1234kyle5678 los angeles 2

Like. The song is called “Boo Hoo” and, as I’ve said before, it’s a nipple perking nineties track about longing. And what goes better than late night desire? Fucking champs poured into a plastic cup. That really, really is liquid cool.

Watch Nite Jewel’s “Boo Hoo”—a video directed with me and you in mind—below.

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