DOG NEWS is a regular staple here on ye olde 1234KYLE5678.

But you know what rarely happens? Premium dog news. Premium dog news is news only from highly reputable sources, stories that aren’t from places like the Daily Mail or Metro but instead Washington Post or New York Magazine. These stories also aren’t reports on reports or weird, local news amplified: these are actual reports, opinions, and original coverage by these major publications.

Today, we are blessed with some premium dog news courtesy of The New York Times, a publication who have been all about dogs recently as are trying to young-ify and Millennial their coverage, much to my benefit. Thus, enjoy premium dog news. PREMIUM DOG NEWS!!

The Pain Of Loving Old Dogs
This story has been everywhere, for good reason: it’s an opinion piece about the joys of caring for and living with an older dog. The piece isn’t really “about” any news item but is a love letter to dogs who have trouble seeing and hearing and how these aging members of our families are indeed just that, thus making it much harder to let them go. Sigh. Dogs.

In France, Our Dog Has His Day
In news directly catered to me, here’s a story my friend Spencer sent me because it is extremely my shit: how to travel with your dog to France by way of America. It’s a fabulous little lifestyle story about acclimating your dog to the French scene, one that I could easily slide myself and my dogs into. The only catch, which is annoying, is that the article fails to mention the logistics of traveling dogs internationally in terms of what needs to be cleared with airlines, veterinarians, and customs along with jetlag. Details, fam, details.

Barbra Streisand Cloned Her Dog. For $50,000, You Can Clone Yours.
This story trended this week like woah but hidden within a Variety feature on icon Barbara Streisand was a curious detail about her three dogs: two of them are clones of her recently deceased Samantha, a 14 year old Coton de Tulear. The Times‘ take on this was looking at how you could be like Babs by forking $50K over for the procedure. The story details not only the scientific logistics but also the practical, “Will this be the same dog?” questions that we all want to know. The answer, for those curious, is naturally “depends.”

Need a Date? First, Get A Dog
The premium publication has dived into why – and how – dogs make dating easier. A big thing that we all know is confirmed here that people who own dogs appear more approachable, responsible, and generally that they are a potential good friend and parent. The story goes to great lengths to map the reasons why you gotta get a dog to date and, really, it’s all true – unless the person you love hates or is allergic to the pet.

Why Scientists Love To Study Dogs (and Often Ignore Cats)
Have you ever noticed that scientific studies of animals often trend toward dogs instead of cats? The Times is on the case and note that this is because of societal understandings of the animals in addition to the variety of dog breeds available.

Is Your Dog Ready For Instagram?
To end on a very obnoxious note, the Times also ended with a story about “how” dogs become Insta famous. It’s exactly what you think it is but, hey, premium.

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